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The moment the word "student" is mentioned, we might have certain ideas which may not be true.
Like all walks of life, there is a multitude of all types and what about the student who needs to have surroundings more like a home setting than a flat or house share? To have a nice quiet room filled with comfortable furniture rather than sitting cross legged on a bed that has seen better days?
I can truthfully tell you that I have had interested and caring Professors in Limerick University who would be willing to "stand over" their choice of student, who would be delighted to speak directly with you about their PhD or Masters student who is really in need of a good solid environment (with Broadband connection) in which to complete their studies.
Not convinced? I am. But then I was the one listening to the caring professor and, I must say, being very taken with the amount of concern he was showing for his own students. Hats off to him.
I would also like to assure house owners that ClareTipp are very, very careful about who they introduce to apartments, houses or house-share. Ask any one of our loyal landlords.
So what is involved? You can earn up to €14,000 tax free. You do not need to register with the Residential Tenancies Board.
You could decide for example to rent out a room even though your family continue to live in the property. Say you decided that the income could assist with mortgage repayments or that you would start saving now for college fees for young sons/daughters.
Perhaps you are in the house on your own...we will promise that we will not "marry" a person to your home unless our strict criteria has been taken a step at a time and everyone is happy.
There are three auctioneers in ClareTipp:
Michelle O'Connor
Sarah Fenton
and myself Colette Hanly
You are very welcome to phone any of us to "test the waters". If you decide it is not for you this time, no problem.
You will know a lot more about whats available to you anyhow. 

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